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Olga, mother to Alicia

I have been going to Suzuki Baby Music Class with my daughter Alicia since she was 4 month and we love and enjoy each and every lesson.

It is amazing to observe the concentration of my daughter  during the class activities.
The program is professionally run and all lessons are well structured for small children.


We are looking foreward to Suzuki Baby Music Class every week and have included the songs in our daily routine at home.

Carmen Christen-Räber

Es war für mich sehr erstaunlich, wie aufmerksam und freudig schon mein neugeborenes Kind auf die verschiedenen Klänge reagierte.

Es ist spannend von Woche zu Woche die kleinen Fortschritte zu beobachten.


Besonders schön auch mit zu erleben, wie die Kinder voneinander lernen. Die Freude an der Musik & Bewegung ist in der Gruppe noch viel grösser.


The SECE course is a really positive thing for both my daughter and I. To have some time every week where we could do something together where she had my full attention and she could really flourish was very special. We started going when she was just a month old and it was amazing to see how she developed and responded to the sessions from such a young age. I had tried other children music courses, but chose the SECE course as it is a good mix. The children play a lot together, on their own and importantly watching others. The teachers are especially good as she develops a real rapport with each child which puts them at their ease. 


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