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What is the atmosphere in class like?

The atmosphere in class is happy, joyful and creative. At the same time we aim for a sense of quiet and calm to allow each child to develop at their own speed. To achieve that, it is very important to leave everything we do not need during class (especially cellphones) outside the room.

Can I join as an expecting mother?

Yes, absolutely! The class can be a wonderful experience for woman in their 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Get in touch with us for more information.

How big are the groups?

The children need enough time and space, so we keep our group to a manageable size. It is also important to note that we require a minimum number of 5 children in a group. The minimum number is important so that the children have sufficient stimuli from other children and it is essential for the critical component of repetition for learning.

What do I need to bring to class?

You do not need to bring anything special to class. To help the children better focus, we leave all toys, stuffed animals, pacifiers, drinks and food outside the room.

When should I arrive for class?

You should try to arrive 10'-15' before the class starts. This will give you and your child time to settle in and get ready for class. Before the class begins, make sure your child has a clean nappy/diaper and check if your child might need to be fed.

Is there time to chat with the other parents during class?

Over time you and your child will make wonderful new friends in the Baby Music Class. But as you are fully engaged during the class and part of providing this magical learning atmosphere, you will want to postpone your chats until the class has ended. - And meeting for coffees after class is highly recommended:-)

What shall I do if my child gets fussy or even starts crying during class?

Don't worry. The teachers are very understanding and know that it is normal for babies and small toddlers to fuss or cry for a multitude of reasons. The teachers will support you in these situations. It is much easier for the child to reclaim their calm in a quiet environment, so parent and child will be accompanied by a teacher outside to the calm room until the child feels they are ready to join the group again.

Can I start the class, even if my child is already one or two years old?

Yes, you sure can! There are some extra challenges - especially at the beginning, but these can easily be overcome.

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